About-head coach page imagePaul Schmitz is an advisor of CEOs, leaders and teams.  He achieves success by helping them develop insight into complex business (and sometimes personal) issues.  His focus achieves results for the business and the people.

Dr. Schmitz’s strength is in his breadth of thought and reflection on implementation details while keeping the picture in mind.

Wisdom and experience are from 30 years as a trusted CEO advisor. He helps leaders develop clear thinking and effective business communication.  The success drivers are strategic investments in programs and projects to achieve goals, and continuous measuring performance.  He coaches executives how to get the best use of people and resources.

He has advised CEOs from Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial companies including Federal and State government and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  This experiences provides a unique perspective on public – private sector organizations.

As a graduate management professor, Dr. Schmitz advised hundreds of students completing projects in most industry sectors.  He has learned why some organizations thrive and others flounder or die.  He enjoys coaching executives working on their business to achieve goals.