What Customers Say Means Business

Can you deliver what your business promises? Prove it! You can do it with words. But your customers communicate the truth of the promise. Let’s test this opening paragraph.

We’ve all passed through the front door of a business. The front door may be a physical experience, a receptionist’s voice, a recorded message or call routing to find help. Too often the “voice of the company” asks questions to fill in the screen form before you cheerfully hear, “…and how may I help you.”

Call into your business. Request a service or ask about a product. Then draw a graphic image depicting your experience. What does picture and story tell you from the image? Identify areas that are working well, areas that need improvement and practices that frustrate customers and limit growth. Record and root out communications and practices that do not reflect the tone and structures that limit your company. Then, spend 80 percent of your time improving those practices that need keeping and creating even better customer experiences.

Now test the hypotheses you generated from your research. More importantly, go out and talk to the customer to validate your hypotheses. Talking with customers elicits suggestions that create business growth. I recall one client telling me a comment from a customer that a “small (and inexpensive) service addition” would save hours of work installing the company’s product in a manufacturing setting. Nearly all the revenue from the added service came from new clients and dropped to the bottom line. WOW! The opportunity might be there if you listen.


What customers say may be the “nub of an idea” to grow to the next level or pivot to a better opportunity.

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