Small Steps

There is a campaign going on in America by millenniums to take “small steps” to accomplish great change in their lives.  Maybe there is something to learn from them that will make a difference in our work.

Our first steps are not burned in our memories. They have been recorded by our parents in stories, film or video and seem familiar to us. Those steps, with many falls in between, mark a lifetime of walking, running and travel to places we never envisioned. We just wanted to walk, run, or get there quicker to play.

Neil Armstrong said: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Since 1969 we now can nearly see the edge of the universe. Each one of those small steps, from President Kennedy’s challenge to make that “giant leap” was built on “small steps” of people working together on something important to all.  Small steps enable us to communicate around the globe and expand our knowledge of what can be done when we commit to the first step.

Small Steps are important for my clients. My clients recognize that “small steps” can transform a customer experience, change the company culture or process that result in employee pride and the “money (or performance requirement) taking care of itself.”

Reflect a minute on one small step that “if you commit to it,” would make that transforming difference.  Share that small step idea with others in words meaningful to them. They will help you with the next step and the next step….to create the difference everyone wanted.

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